When mommy works late….I wait…. Wordless Wednesday

waiting on mommy

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Hilary Grossman

By day, Hilary Grossman works in the booze biz. By night she hangs out with her "characters." She has an unhealthy addiction to denim and high heel shoes. She's been known to walk into walls and fall up stairs. She only eats spicy foods and is obsessed with her cat, Lucy. She loves to find humor in everyday life. She likens life to a game of dodge ball - she tries to keep many balls in the air before they smack her in the face. She lives on the beach in Long Island. To find out more of what Hilary is up to check out her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HilaryGrossmanAuthor

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  1. This is very sweet.

  2. Poor Lucy :( (and you, too)

  3. Awww – our animals are always waiting for us to get home as well.

  4. Well, we don’t think she should be working late at all, Lucy! She should be taking care of YOU first and foremost!

  5. Your Mom should be home with you by now Lucy – we hope you aren’t too lonely.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Aw….patiently waiting. Lucy is adorable.

  7. Hope you didn’t have to wait too long, Lucy.

  8. Poor Lucy! She does love her mommy!

  9. Waiting is no fun sweet Lucy!

  10. Precious!! Happy WW!

  11. aww, that’s just the sweetest…. and sad. they have such beautiful hearts. just pure.
    hope you have a nice reunion :)

  12. Lucy, you and Finn should get together – that way you can commiserate and look out the window together! :)

  13. My human works at home, so when she works late, I have to also!

  14. such a sweetheart!

  15. So patient, sweet Lucy. We wait for our mom and dad like that, too. Especially Moosey. :)


    • Hilary Grossman says:

      Meowmoewmans – But I don’t want to be patient.. If I wanted patients I’d be a doctor! XOXO Lucy

  16. ♥♥Lucy♥♥

    Happy WW ♥♥

  17. William Kendall says:

    Time passes quickly if you take lots of naps, Lucy.

  18. We hope she hurries home!

  19. FuzzMother says:

    Lucy, you are such a pretty girl and your white bib just glows in that picture. We realize that your Mom has to work in order to maintain you in the style to which you have become accustomed (noms, toys, etc.), but give her a good whap on the ankles when she comes home “just because”. Then snuggle with her.

    Our Mom is retired now but whenever she wants to leave the house we make her submit her request in writing 3 days before “the event”. We may or may not grant permission–if it is to buy something for us, okay–if not, well… Sometimes she goes rogue and we just have to suck it up. Purrs, Serafina, Arya, Natasha Velvetpaws, Bean, Iggy, Teddy, and Useless

    • Hilary Grossman says:

      FuzzMother – what is this retirement you speak of and how can I sign my mommy up for it? Now that’s what I am talking about! Staying home! Needing permission to leave the house 3 days in advance? That is a dream come true!!! XOXO Lucy

  20. ahhh,
    I love LUCY so much.
    Hilary, I’ve lost all of my connections.
    Please sign me up for your blog again: siammuse@msn.com

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