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Strike a cord… ?>

Strike a cord…

I saw something on Twitter yesterday that really struck a cord with me. I thought I “liked it” but I didn’t. And even though I loved the words I sort of forgot what they were. I can’t remember exactly what the post said… I do know the gist…. If you are an author and you write a book you open yourself up to a lifetime of self-doubt, rejection, and negativity. HOW TRUE IS THIS? It is sad, but the easiest…

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An update…. ?>

An update….

When it comes to writing a book, the easiest part of the process is the actual writing of it… The hardest part is the marketing and the scariest part, by far, is wondering how people will react to it. Sure, nothing pleases me more than seeing a new review on Amazon or Goodreads.  But every time I see a review added I get a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I worry that the review will be bad, and that…

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When they take over… ?>

When they take over…

How many times have you heard an author say their characters surprised them? Over the years, I have heard the line so often. I hate to admit it, but each time I did I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. After all, how could characters surprise their creator? And then it happened to me . . . When I started writing Plan Bea, a women’s fiction novel about a mother and daughter whose relationship has been destroyed by secrets, lies, and…

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Guess what??? ?>

Guess what???

So much has been going on… I don’t remember what I share… or where… I confuse myself on a daily basis – well that isn’t news now is it? Memorial Day weekend was quite exciting… Not only was my mom in town from Florida I signed a contract with Booktrope to republish Dangled Carat! It took me days after the ink was dry for the excitement to begin to subside… Who am I fooling? I am still on cloud nine….

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I am there for you…. ?>

I am there for you….

With out fail, every time I ask a co-worker of mine how he is doing I get the same answer, “It’s a dog eat dog world, and I am wearing Milk Bone underwear.”  His answer always makes me laugh, but it also makes me sad. I am used to working in corporate America.  Sadly, for the most part, the majority of  people are beyond competitive, they are almost ruthless.  They will do pretty much anything to get ahead, looking out…

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