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There is something happening around here ?>

There is something happening around here

Every night, as I approach my house, my breath hitches in my throat a little bit.  Not knowing what I am going to find when I arrive, I get excited.  After all, every day a little something happens at the house….   When you hear the words “front door” you think of an entrance to a house, right?  You also think of that entrance being at the front of the house, don’t you?  Of course you do.  After all, that…

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I miss you so much, Alex (Six word Saturday) ?>

I miss you so much, Alex (Six word Saturday)

I miss you so much, Alex….   I can’t believe Monday will be six weeks since I last saw your handsome face.  Time doesn’t make sense to me. On one hand it seems so much longer than six weeks – forever almost…. And on another hand, it seems like yesterday.  But how do you ever measure time?  If I think about it, it seems like yesterday that I met you for the very first time… when I had my first…

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Six Word Saturday ?>

Six Word Saturday

Long week, I need a break! Alex can give me a lesson…. He has sure mastered the break…. This is an old shot of Alex – see his tail?  He used to have the longest tail… But, it is funny, I don’t miss it at all, and neither does he… I think he is so cute with his stump… See tails are overrated! I am linking up with Cate for six word saturday….