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Dear anyone who will listen… ?>

Dear anyone who will listen…

HELLO! Is anyone out there? Nod if you can hear me. Or read this. Or whatever… Hey, it’s me. THE LUCY – remember me? Do I hear crickets? Yeah probably. Thanks to my dumb mommy, no one is here for me in my time of need. Good one, thanks 🙁 Seriously. I’m I’ve had it. Sure you all know I’m angry at her for keeping me away from my bloggy friends. I don’t care that her day job is kicking…

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Our best friends…. ?>

Our best friends….

It’s sad… Our pets are our best friends, yet so many times people share posts, pictures, and stories about how they misbehave. Sure, some of the poor behavior is funny, but for the most part, the pets are being shamed. I don’t know about you, but I think that is so sad… Purina agrees with me! To celebrate National Pet Month, Purina wants to celebrate our beloved pets by starting the trend of pet praising. They want people to share…

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how to split $100,000 ?>

how to split $100,000

I was recently speaking with a veteran. He gave me a slight glimmer into his past. He shared a very sanitized version of some of the things he saw and had to do during his time of service. I couldn’t help but ask how he ever slept at night. He replied he barely does… They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. And who needs a best friend more then than the men and women who fight so…

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Let’s Live Big ?>

Let’s Live Big

For the third year in a row I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend Nestle Purina’s Better With Pets Summit. And just as I have been in the past, I was blown away, not only by all the strives the company makes to help our pets live longer and healthier lives, but how much they give back to the community. I won’t lie. I cried several times during the summit. One of the speakers, Flip Becker, the…

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