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Reason 47562 I hate help… ?>

Reason 47562 I hate help…

Two weeks ago: “Oh my God!” I exclaimed as I grabbed my head in my hands. “I have so much to do and I don’t even know where to start.” I started to nervously rattle off my to-do list to my annoyingly calm husband. “Why don’t you give me some stuff to do? I can help you, you know.” I rolled my eyes. “Like with what?” “For starters, why don’t you show me how to submit insurance claims? I’ll handle…

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The pantry ?>

The pantry

I have to get my act together and start sharing pictures of the new house…. My favorite room! Speaking of new houses – guess what? I’m following my passion and became a licensed real estate salesperson – have questions? Email me

Secrets, Lies, and Second Chances – Free and New! ?>

Secrets, Lies, and Second Chances – Free and New!

Is there anything better than catching up with old friends over coffee? Okay, maybe catching up with them over wine is a little bit better, but… either way it’s all good… When I write, my characters become my friends. After all, I spend so many hours with them it is impossible not to become attached. I am so excited that Anna, Bea, Cecelia, Walter, and Cole are back!  To celebrate the publication TODAY of Plan Cee I am giving away…

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Comings and goings… ?>

Comings and goings…

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Really blogged.  I am having withdrawal. I miss it.  I miss reading. I miss writing and commenting. I am going to catch up. I swear. I have to. It’s been a crazy few month. Well, it has been a crazy year, and I am still recovering from it. Slowly. Moving, renovating a house, working full-time, having to republish two books, working on audiobooks, finish writing my third book were the big ticket items…

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