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The pantry ?>

The pantry

I have to get my act together and start sharing pictures of the new house…. My favorite room! Speaking of new houses – guess what? I’m following my passion and became a licensed real estate salesperson – have questions? Email me

Secrets, Lies, and Second Chances – Free and New! ?>

Secrets, Lies, and Second Chances – Free and New!

Is there anything better than catching up with old friends over coffee? Okay, maybe catching up with them over wine is a little bit better, but… either way it’s all good… When I write, my characters become my friends. After all, I spend so many hours with them it is impossible not to become attached. I am so excited that Anna, Bea, Cecelia, Walter, and Cole are back!  To celebrate the publication TODAY of Plan Cee I am giving away…

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Comings and goings… ?>

Comings and goings…

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Really blogged.  I am having withdrawal. I miss it.  I miss reading. I miss writing and commenting. I am going to catch up. I swear. I have to. It’s been a crazy few month. Well, it has been a crazy year, and I am still recovering from it. Slowly. Moving, renovating a house, working full-time, having to republish two books, working on audiobooks, finish writing my third book were the big ticket items…

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Happy Gotcha Day! ?>

Happy Gotcha Day!

Hello everyone! It’s me, The Lucy! Remember me? I really hope so. My stupid mommy hasn’t let me talk to my friends in long time. I hope I still have friends… But I don’t want to rag on her too much. She’s been going through some stuff and her time has been extra limited. Yet she still managed to finish Plan Cee (will be published in March) and she does make sure my breakfast is ready nice and early every…

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