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Dear Alex… ?>

Dear Alex…

Dear Alex, Today snuck up on me. Well, maybe not exactly. Lately all the passing days of the week are tied to tasks and deadlines. But yesterday I was scrolling through your daddy’s phone and saw a picture he took of me at a James Taylor concert, which took place a few years ago “Alex Day.” As soon as I laid eyes on it a tear rolled down my check because I knew today was Alex Day again. How could…

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Final stretch ?>

Final stretch

Hello! It’s me, the Lucy… And it is time for me to put my paw down. My mom has been disgraceful and I am not taking it anymore. First of all, she has been a complete and utter blog failure. She has prevented me from seeing my friends regularly. And when she does try to catchup its been quickies on her cell phone. I don’t get to talk to anyone… And then replying. She has not replied to anyone… I…

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A message from the Lucy…. ?>

A message from the Lucy….

Hi Guys!  It’s me… The Lucy!  And I have been pretty quiet lately. But don’t go getting mad at me. My mom has been no better, so since I try to be the feline version of her, if you got to blame someone, blame her… ‘kay.  Good. Now that we got that straightened out… It’s been a little over a month since my parents tossed me in a car and transported me to the other side of Long Island. I’d love…

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