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Dear Alex… ?>

Dear Alex…

Dear Alex, Today snuck up on me. Well, maybe not exactly. Lately all the passing days of the week are tied to tasks and deadlines. But yesterday I was scrolling through your daddy’s phone and saw a picture he took of me at a James Taylor concert, which took place a few years ago “Alex Day.” As soon as I laid eyes on it a tear rolled down my check because I knew today was Alex Day again. How could…

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Missing you… Still and always…. ?>

Missing you… Still and always….

Dear Alex, Do you know what today is? I’m being silly. Of course you do. How could you not. Four years ago today you left us. You ran to the rainbow bridge an your hurting stopped. You knew it was time.  you told me and your dad.  LOUDLY.  We didn’t want to listen at first, but we hated to see you suffer.  You were such a strong tough man.  You fought a good fight, right until the end. You changed…

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Tummy troubles ?>

Tummy troubles

I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was probably six years ago. Alex, my beloved man cat, battled his first serious health scare. The poor cat couldn’t keep anything down. He barely was able to make it to his litter boxes. His poor gastrointestinal tract was a wreck. We felt so helpless watching him suffer as we tried to help him feel better. Did you know gastrointestinal (GI) upset is a top reason pets visit the vet?…

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three years…. ?>

three years….

Time… What is it? What does it mean? How can a period sometimes seem so long and so short at once? Three years…. Dear Alex, Three years have passed since we have last seen your beautiful face, watched your stumpy wiggle, and held you in our arms. Three years have passed since we had to make the most difficult decision and put an end to your pain and suffering. Three years have passed without your presence and humor in our…

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