Sun, Sun, Summertime

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for summer to begin….  It is my favorite season of the year!   I can’t help it… I love everything about it…


All winter, I yearn for warmer weather and longer days… I look forward to quality beach time, be it night or day and having the opportunity to swim laps or ride my bike on the boardwalk before heading to work.  But, if you know me, I am sure you can guess my love for summer extends deeper… deep, deep, deep into my closet…


What can I say?  Summer apparel just makes me blissful.  I love ditching the winter layers and dressing in a sleek, long flowing sun dress, rocking bright colored sandals or strutting around in a mini skirt. 


But, believe it or not, my favorite summer staple is not an article of clothing.  It is these hair accessories…


I have very long hair, and I can’t stand to wear it down in the summer. It is just too heavy and hot.  Sure, ponytails are great, but sometimes they make me feel like I am still a teenager.  So, especially when I head to work, I like a more professional look.  These guys make a French twist easy (and sparkling).


I just brush back my wet hair, and pull as if I am putting it into a ponytail.  Starting at the top, I twist my hair down, holding onto the bottom with my finger.  I tuck the bottom under and up so that the end reaches the start of where the ponytail would have begun and secure with one of these.  I then have an easy, quick twist that lasts the whole day! And since I do it when my hair is still wet, it dries twisted up when I finally take the clip out, I am left with flowing curls….


I have purchased all of these accessories at kiosks at local malls and none have been over twenty dollars.


What are your favorite summer staples? How do you bring the summer sun to your wardrobe?


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Hilary Grossman

I dated a guy so commitment phobic I wrote a book about our relatable, humorous, and emotionally draining relationship - DANGLED CARAT I have an unhealthy addiction to denim and shoes. I love to find humor in every day life. And I liken life to a game of dodgeball - I try to keep many balls in the air before they smack me in the face. When I am not writing or blogging I am the CFO of a beverage alcohol importer. I live on Long Island.

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  1. I love wearing sandals all summer – so much more comfortable! I recently bought some Croc ones and love them. I love the summer weather unless the humidity is over 75%. Thank goodness for air conditioning. Love your hair accessories!

    • hilaryg says:

      Lisa – Crocs are so comfy… I wear them around the house and to walk down to the beach… I don’t mind high humidity, but my hair sure does (even with the keratin treatment)…

  2. I do like summer but sometimes it just gets to darn hot down here in the South.

  3. So pretty. Next time you wear one of them take a pic. I’m sure it looks lovely. One of the things I don’t have to worry about with my short hair… putting it up. I had it all chopped off again yesterday!!! Feel so light. :)

    • hilaryg says:

      Susi – I love your short hair! You look amazing in it, but short hair doesn’t work for me. I used to have it when I was younger and I didn’t look good at all…

  4. I LOVE summer!! I like to wear capris pants and sassy sandals! Since my hair is very short, I can not use hair accessories or wear cute hats. Today it is cool and raining but we need the moisture to help contain the fire near Ft. Collins!

    Shawn, Winston, Chloe and Cecil

    • hilaryg says:

      Shawn – capris & sassy sandals… Love it! I can’t wear hats either – I hate the way I look in them… I hope the rain helps the fire, oh my….

  5. –Those clips are stunning. I want to see you in them!

    I love wearing cool, funky sandles and painted toes :) xx

  6. I love those clips! My favorite summer accessories are flip flops and a pony tail holder!

  7. Love your hair pins. Enjoy your summer beach time!

  8. I have long hair and I love it. You are right though, it does get heavy and hot in the summer. I look horrible in short hair, so I suffer with the ponytail. LOL

  9. I LOVE summer, too. My favorite is getting home from work and throwing on a sundress to spend the rest of the day in.

  10. Mom loves those! Too bad she’s not very good doing cute stuff with her hair. As for us, our furs work well without accessories!!

    It’s pretty much always Summer here but we love the smell of our plumeria that only flower in the summer!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

    • hilaryg says:

      Florida Furkids – yeah, you guys are lucky… no fussing with your hair and it almost always warm…. Alex’s fur gets a little wild this time of year… He had an enjoyable furmination yesterday to help….

  11. I love the summer too! What cute hair accessories!! I wear hats big sun hats, the sun doesn’t come near my face but I love to be out in it!!

    • hilaryg says:

      Lucy – you are smart with your hats…. Me, not so much… I will be one wrinkled lady some day ;)

  12. William Kendall says:

    When I was a teenager, I would never be caught outside in shorts. These days, I’m wearing shorts all summer long. Whatever shows will end up well tanned by summer’s end. Fortunately I don’t burn….

    • hilaryg says:

      William – it is funny, I am the opposite. When I was younger, I would live in shorts. Now, not so much. I wear more skirts in the summer, and if I do wear shorts they are more of a longer / walking short – even if it means buying in the boys department

  13. I just use a VERY large clip to hold my hair up as I have long hair too. I have seen these before but doesn’t the ends poke out of the side of your hair when you push it through sideways? They seem pretty long.

    • hilaryg says:

      Notamused – the ends are pretty long but they don’t usually stick out since you put them in on a slight angle to hold all the hair (and your hair twists around them)

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