Book Boyfriend Blog Hop ?>

Book Boyfriend Blog Hop

Really, I have no idea what I am doing here. I do own a mirror. And although I know I ‘still got it’ I also know I am past my prime. I’m up against twenty-nine other young and handsome men. What shot do I have at winning this contest? But Bea insisted I enter, and when Bea makes up her mind about something there is no changing it. I figured it was best I just make the old girl happy,…

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Our best friends…. ?>

Our best friends….

It’s sad… Our pets are our best friends, yet so many times people share posts, pictures, and stories about how they misbehave. Sure, some of the poor behavior is funny, but for the most part, the pets are being shamed. I don’t know about you, but I think that is so sad… Purina agrees with me! To celebrate National Pet Month, Purina wants to celebrate our beloved pets by starting the trend of pet praising. They want people to share…

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