I am the tune… PLAY ME!

I am the tune… PLAY ME!

Hey Guys!  It is me, Lucy!

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A cat’s work is never done

I am a very lucky girl.  My mom was invited to go to St. Louis to go to Purina’s headquarters and participate in a conference dedicated to cat’s nutrition and behavior.  But she couldn’t make it (silly work) but she was able to participate remotely.  So I win double time!  I didn’t have to have my mom leave the town AND I still get to benefit from her knew found knowledge (she can use all the help she can get in that department – Alex was right… The ‘rents aren’t too bright) as well as lots of fun new toys and games!  Yeah me!

Yes, I am licking the bag – don’t judge!

So what’s the deal?  It’s the True Nature of Cats movement!  You see, by studying the habits of African wildcats (which is believed to be the closet relative of the domestic cat), Purina ONE identified several ways to help your cat be who they were born to be, including proper nutrition, like new Healthy Metabolism wet and dry formulas specially formulated for the changing nutritional needs of spayed and neutered cats, safe outdoor experiences like leash walking and purposeful play.


Did I hear the word play????


Let me tell you, I was one very happy kitten when I saw the UPS guy arrive with a great big box for me!  I am used to seeing that dude.  He comes here very often (yes, my parents have issues).  But usually he brings boring stuff (seriously, how many light bulbs and boxes of coffee beans do two people need?) But no boring stuff this time.  This time the stuff was all for me!


Mommy opened the boxes (NOT FAST ENOUGH) and I was there to help.


There was so much cool stuff in the boxes.  I didn’t know where to start.  Fortunately (or unfortunately for me) my mom is just as bad as I am.  She couldn’t wait to play either (that girl needs an intervention).  I would be trying one toy out and she would be playing with the next one.  My daddy walked into the room (thank goodness) and asked my mom, “Who are these toys for anyway, you or Lucy?”


My mom softly said “Lucy” but I am not so sure she meant it.  She has been having just as much fun as me…. Which is a good thing, because part of the movement is making sure that you play for at least fifteen minutes a day with your cat… well, we got that one nailed!

lucy on sily red chair

Oh, got to go… Mommy needs to play…. Again!  I’ve got to entertain Mommy…  Don’t let anyone tell you it is easy being a kitten…..  But before I go, you can win all this cool stuff too!


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113 thoughts on “I am the tune… PLAY ME!

  1. You are such a cutie-pie sweet Lucy and you sure got lots of good stuff! It’s too bad your Mom didn’t get to go to Purina, Dad said it is a wonderfully impressive place!

    1. Brian – I know… She really wanted to go but couldn’t swing time off from work 🙁 but that means she also didn’t have to leave me! 🙂 XOXO Lucy

    1. Marg – you are right… The box is so awesome. I am having a blast. I can’t wait for one of my friends to have as much fun as me! XOXO Lucy

  2. I got my JerryMarbles from the Kitty Cove – he is one amazing cat! Love him and our 3 neighborhood rescues to pieces! They would LOVE some new toys and are never finicky about trying new foods! So glad you are loving your forever home Lucy!

    1. Cathy Keisha – ghetto kitteh – love it… and good foods are the secret to our hearts! I know that and I am just a baby! XOXO Lucy

    1. Fuzzy tales – I know.. First I hit the forever home lottery and then I won the toy jackpot. I am the luckiest kitten I know! XOXO Lucy

  3. Who are these toys for anyway, you or Lucy?

    Easy question to answer: BOTH!

    Though if you’re like us, the bubble wrap and paper (and BOXES, oh my) are probably as much fun as any of the toys.

    1. Lee – Both! Yes! That is right. I need to own my love of cat toys! as for the box – lucy is obsessed. My mom shipped some clothes this week and Lucy pretty much moved into that box!

  4. Oh lovely Lucy!!! Not only do you get 15 minutes of fun playtime with mum you both get to play with lotsa fun stuff too!! Yay!! What a great package! Good luck to all with the giveaway!! Take care

    1. Socks & Scylla – I know – winning is great! Paws crossed. I am growing so fast – like a weed my mom calls it! XOXO Lucy

  5. How do you find the True Nature of Cats? By observing us of course. Mommy spends lots of time observing us or so she says. Personally we just think she is sleeping in the chaise lounger.

    1. socks & Scylla – well if that is how they study us, then my daddy must be an expert. he is always napping! XOXO Lucy

  6. Lucy, you are much too cute!

    Is that bubble wrap? You must pop the bubbles, Lucy! You must! It’s entirely too much fun!

  7. Lucy, you’re precious!

    Hilary, I can’t figure out why I’m not getting your blog! I subscribe, I follow–but it doesn’t show up in my email and I don’t get it on my blogroll….

  8. We’d love to win and share the spoils with the animal shelter (unless our Tommie, Gracie, and Mickey Mouser open the box first).
    That Lucy is so cute!

  9. i agree with jan, the true nature of cats is a constant learning experience. while we are learning about the cats, the cats are always learning how to help people become better caregivers. a truly win-win situation.

    1. TX Furiends – good luck! I hope I am a beauty when I grow up because I like hearing mommy tell me how pretty I am now XOXO Lucy

  10. We want to win, and thanks for the opportunity to do so! Just so ya know—my cat will hurt me if we don’t win, but NO PRESSURE!

  11. I find the true nature of cats through telepathic messages from my own little bundle of fur—”feed me,” “pet me,” “play with me,” “feed me,” “get away from me,” “I have claws and I know how to use them,” “feed me,” “feed me,” feed me NOW.” Well, you get the picture!

  12. I would love to win. We have five cats here, yes we are cat people. We have three in the house and two outside, three are boys and two girls and all are rescued animals. Tiny, Reese, Blue, Tiger and Skip. The last three are brothers and sister. They are all fun to watch but at times drive you crazy. I love cats as they have a personality that dogs just don’t have.

    1. Fur Everywhere – I know you are right, but i can’t help wondering why the beans aren’t as smart as us.. would make so much so much better xoxox lucy

  13. Yay! I won! Not sure how to contact you, though! I’ll keep looking if I don’t hear from you soon.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    1. Hi Carolsue – Congrats! I actually sent you an email yesterday. It may have went into spam since I did it from Rafflecoper. I will try again…

    2. Carolsue – I tried emailing you again. If you don’t get it, please email me your mailing address at hilary(at)feelingbeachie(dot)com

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