here now, and then it’s gone!

here now, and then it’s gone!

Besides being a beach community, there is something unique about the town where I live.  When a house gets sold more times than not the people do not just move in.  instead, they demolish the existing home and build a new one from scratch.  It is always fascinating.

This is the house across the street from me on Thursday morning when I went for a walk before work…

House 1

By the time I came out of the shower on Thursday AM the work began!

house 2


And by the time I got home from work, it was gone….

house 3


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37 thoughts on “here now, and then it’s gone!

  1. Because of the age of a lot of the houses in our area, there is a lot of rehab work being done. So far, they haven’t totally demolished many. That happened a bit after the 2004 hurricanes though because some houses were badly damaged.

    The Florida Furkids

    1. Fl furkids – I am sure this house was very damaged too from the storm, but the demolition has been going on here for years. Soon all the old homes will be gone

  2. That happens a lot here with lakefront property. People buy the land for the lot, and the house on it is just an inconvenience.

    We’re impressed with how fast they knocked down that house and cleared out the debris. That’s like something from one of those extreme home improvement shows!

    1. Sometimes – that is exactly what happens here. The people want the location of being by the beach. It is crazy watching the progress

    1. Missabeth – the house was actually in very bad shape, before hurricane sandy. I can’t imagine what the condition after the storm was. But I agree it is sad knowing it is gone

  3. This is certainly not a surprising sight to me. Down here this happens in a lot of neighborhoods. Just in the past 14 years I’ve lived here so many neighborhoods have changed and not necessarily for the better. Where once you had lovely, unique homes, Mac mansions have taken over… Can’t wait to see the changes in the coming months!

    1. Susi – same here … Do many mc mansions. Although now since there has been so many demolitions the old houses stick out

  4. Many times it is far easier to demolish something than rehab it, you never know what is sitting inside walls that may be decades old. But, I thought the title of your post interesting on more than one level. How quickly things,people, animals are here one moment and gone the next. It is a very good analogy to own each day, each moment as the gifts that they are.

    1. Abby – I just signed as I read this because I know too well what you are going through and I am so sorry… It is so easy to get caught up in the minor and lose sight of the important stuff. We never know what tomorrow brings, and we have to try and find ways to cherish the now

    1. Ruthie – I know what you mean. What I find the saddest is when you don’t even remember the past. This house is different as it is right across the street from us, so it is really in my mind. But so often these houses are demolished and I can’t remember what they used to look like

  5. Wham Bam! I have to admit that doesn’t really happen in my neck of the woods, actually, I can’t recall it ever happening , Now, watch, I said that and it will happen lol.

  6. Wow – I can understand there are some houses that need to be pulled down for a reason, safety etc. But some of them are gorgeous and it is such a shame. I’ll be curious to see what they build though

    1. Claudia – this house was one of them. It is hard to see from the pictures but it was in very bad shape and was never repaired or cleaned up after the storm.

    1. Darcie – I know… I would hate that… I drove by my old house with my mom earlier this week – while it looked different it looked the same – it was a great feeling to see it.

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