Follow Friday Four Fill in fun blog hop – week 162

Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me .

If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Obi from Eloquent Obi. She came up with the last two statements! I REALLY NEED STATEMENTS!

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1.  Did you know that ____ are _____
  2.  I feel like _____
  3. I get _____ at _____
  4. ____ is my favorite ______

My Answers:

    1.  Did you know that ALL THESE BOOKS BELOW are ONLY $0.99 THRU SUNDAY?


  1.  I feel like I NEED 20 MORE HOUSE A DAY


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Hilary Grossman

By day, Hilary Grossman works in the booze biz. By night she hangs out with her "characters." She has an unhealthy addiction to denim and high heel shoes. She's been known to walk into walls and fall up stairs. She only eats spicy foods and is obsessed with her cat, Lucy. She loves to find humor in everyday life. She likens life to a game of dodge ball - she tries to keep many balls in the air before they smack her in the face. She lives on the beach in Long Island. To find out more of what Hilary is up to check out her Facebook page

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  1. William Kendall says:

    For me it’s a toss up between cookie dough and cherry cheesecake ice cream!

  2. I’d definitely like a few more hours in my day — there’s so much more to do now and so much less time. Plus, I’d love a little extra time for blogging…

    • Hilary Grossman says:

      susi – I know.. There is just so little time and every day it seems like there is more to do…

  3. All those 99 cent books look so good. I’ll have to check them out. Have a great weekend!

  4. More hours in a day would be nice, but then I think of all that God did in a single day and I can’t get the basic things done. What does this say about me? I think what it says is I need to spend less time on the computer. lol I definitely need to find a better balance in my activities to get the sense of accomplishment that I look for at the close of my day. I love ice cream, so it’s difficult to narrow one flavor down as my favorite. Last night I had Blue Bells Chocolate Covered Cherries for the first time, and I was like “Oh yeah!” That’s some good stuff! Thanks for hosting the fun! 😉

  5. Ice cream? Count us in!

  6. I was thinking you are what you eat! I love Butter Pecan. Great deal on those books.

  7. that is a lot of books for 99 cents and glad yours is the first one. i may have to snag one (yours) and read :)

  8. Pip and Ruby says:

    20 more hours in the day would be a dream come true!

  9. I just found your blog through Claudia’s blog and this sounds like a fun Meme. I will try to join in on the fun when I can. I am also following your blog now.
    Mmmm Ice Cream….my favorite is Nutty Coconut from Baskin Robbins.
    I don’t have a Kindle but perhaps I should get one if you can get books that cheaply. I’ll have to see if our library has your book.

    • Hilary Grossman says:

      Ida – thanks for joining! So nice to meet you… There are often wonderful deals with Kindle books.. I love finding bargains!

  10. I feel like going home. And getting some cookie dough ice cream on the way! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Hilary, Marc and Lucy!

  11. Interesting questions! I had a busy day, so had time to think on them. Thanks, Hilary for doing this!

  12. Amen to more hours in the day… and a rechargeable spare battery pack to keep me going! :-) You can’t beat a book bargain like 99 cents! Chocolate chip cookie dough is delicious even without the ice cream, my favorite flavor is Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. :-)

  13. hours in the day yes….cookie dough is also my favorite ice cream I really want your book
    I am going to ck it out after this comment is done!!!! is it possible for you to sign it?/??

  14. I just bought your book :) but in e-reader format so guess you can sign the next one.
    hugs to you

    • Hilary Grossman says:

      Gilligan – check out the autorgraph box on the side of the blog – there is a way to have an ebook autograph

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