Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me .

If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Leslie from Time out for Mom. She came up with the last two statements! I REALLY NEED STATEMENTS!

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1.   I really ____________ in the early a.m.
  2.   I wish the ____________ would always stay ____
  3. ________ is my favorite place when I am _______
  4. If I hear _______ one more time, I will ______

My Answers:

  1.   I really LIKE TO BLOG in the early a.m.
  2.   I wish the WEATHER would always stay WARM & SUNNY
  3. HOME is my favorite place when I am SICK AND WELL
  4. If I hear MY NAME one more time, I will SCREAM – SOME DAYS I WANT TO CHANGE IT!

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Hilary Grossman

I dated a guy so commitment phobic I wrote a book about our relatable, humorous, and emotionally draining relationship - DANGLED CARAT I have an unhealthy addiction to denim and shoes. I love to find humor in every day life. And I liken life to a game of dodgeball - I try to keep many balls in the air before they smack me in the face. When I am not writing or blogging I am the CFO of a beverage alcohol importer. I live on Long Island.

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  1. #4 was really a difficult question this week! I had to really think on that one!

  2. Love the statements this week. Have a good one!

  3. I wish the weather was warm and sunny all the time too!

  4. We often blog early in the morning too, like 3AM!

  5. LOL. I’m not really a morning person, so I’d answer “like to sleep” for number one. :)

  6. I agree, I wish the weather would always stay warm although we are almost 100 degrees today and I had to turn the air on :( Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. William Kendall says:

    Well, I can only say that if I hear “it’s snowing” one more time, I’ll jump for joy.

    • Hilary Grossman says:

      William – HA! My winter loving friend. I would give you all my snow if I could…

  8. I want it to be warm and sunny all year! I need to move south and never look back.

  9. happy weekend…we had the same answers on the weather, I despise the cold

    thanks for hosting

  10. Blogging or just general computer woozeling could have been my answer to #1, too.

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