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Author: Hilary Grossman

Comings and goings… ?>

Comings and goings…

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Really blogged.  I am having withdrawal. I miss it.  I miss reading. I miss writing and commenting. I am going to catch up. I swear. I have to. It’s been a crazy few month. Well, it has been a crazy year, and I am still recovering from it. Slowly. Moving, renovating a house, working full-time, having to republish two books, working on audiobooks, finish writing my third book were the big ticket items…

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Happy Gotcha Day! ?>

Happy Gotcha Day!

Hello everyone! It’s me, The Lucy! Remember me? I really hope so. My stupid mommy hasn’t let me talk to my friends in long time. I hope I still have friends… But I don’t want to rag on her too much. She’s been going through some stuff and her time has been extra limited. Yet she still managed to finish Plan Cee (will be published in March) and she does make sure my breakfast is ready nice and early every…

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Plan Cee ?>

Plan Cee

I’ve been pretty quiet lately… But I have had good reasons. I have feverously been working on this – and am so excited to share the cover for Plan Cee. Anna, Cecelia, Beatrice, and Walter are back! If you remember, it was a tense and upsetting moment for Cecelia Reynolds when Walter’s friend, Keith, showed up to officiate the wedding ceremony.  But why was she so stressed and anxious?  Why did she lie to Anna about knowing him?  Who exactly is/was…

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Third Degree ?>

Third Degree

“Hi, I’d like to make an appointment for a mammography.” “Okay. What is your last name?” “Grossman.” “Your first?” “Hilary.” “Address?” “Well I recently moved. I’m not sure if the new address or the old one is in the system. My new address is X” “No. That’s not what I have.” “Okay. What about Y?” “Yes. Okay. Give me a minute.” Waiting, waiting, waiting. “And the referring doctor?” “Dr. Supercalafragic” (not his real name, but just as hard to spell.)…

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