Autocorrect – it can be your best friend or your mortal enemy…


How many times have you typed something – be it on your phone or on your computer – only to realize the words that are on the page have nothing do do with what you meant to say?  Or worse, how many times are the words pure gibberish?


Autocorrect is famous for changing my name to Hitler.  Seriously?


But every once in a while autocorrect is genius…


Setting: My Den, my husband holding his Ipad


Action: My husband texting Mike, our security guard


“I just texted Mike and told him to walk by and pick up dinner.” My husband said to me.


“Ok, I will get a container for it,” I replied.


TWEET, TWEET, TWEET – the sound of an incoming text


“What did he reply?” I asked.


My husband, staring confused at the screen, “Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy.”


“Mike said that?  That is deep!” I replied.


“Do you think….”




“Yep, autocorrect.” My husband replied.


“Genius.. I have got to remember that one!”


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Hilary Grossman

Hilary Grossman is the author of Plan Bea and Dangled Carat. By day, she works in the booze biz. By night she hangs out with her "characters." She has an unhealthy addiction to denim and high heel shoes. She's been known to walk into walls and fall up stairs. She only eats spicy foods and is obsessed with her cat, Lucy. She loves to find humor in everyday life. She likens life to a game of dodge ball - she tries to keep many balls in the air before they smack her in the face. She lives on the beach in Long Island. To find out more of what Hilary is up to check out her Facebook page

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24 thoughts on “Anticipation…

  1. I remember my work colleague’s friend texting her about her “maxi” dress and it came out as “nazi” dress. Oh dear!!!

    Take care

  2. that’s a profound autocorrect – I need that one!
    mine usually ends up……actually….I can’t even type here what mine says.
    I think a sailor lives inside my phone.

  3. My auto correct is even worse because I also use a German keyboard and if I forget to switch between the two, the things it spells are quite strange at times!!! 🙂

  4. That’s funny. I have had many battles with autocorrect. Sometimes it’s helpful, but most of the time it drives me crazy

    1. Vandy – mine does that a lot too. I am always trying to type woo hoo and it I have to fix it from woo hop about 5 times for it to stick!

  5. My smart phone’s auto-correct makes it a dumb phone more times than not. I saw the funniest video recently about a young girl who fixed her mother’s phone auto-correct to display the word acid every time she sent her a message asking her bring the words “dirty clothes”. It was hilarious, HItler…oops, I mean Hilary! Nah, no auto-correct here, just me acting goofy. 😀

    1. Cathy – That must have been priceless! Sometimes the auto correct name is appropriate (especially at work!)

    1. Alexis – I know.. sometimes I read what I type and I am so confused! and thankful that I don’t just hit send!

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