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About me

Why is the about me page the hardest thing to write?    Or, is it just me?


Hi!  I am Hilary! 


I am the CFO of MHW, Ltd by day and writer by night. I dated a guy so commitment phobic I was able to write a book about our relationship – Dangled Carat

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13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Please tell me about Blog Her. Is this something I should pursue? What does it do for you? I’d like to increase my followers and expand my blogging beyond solely “books” and get more into books, writing, and critters. I want to grow…but am not sure how…advice?? I love your blog and your vibe. But I am cautious…kinda’ like a cat…? *lol*

    1. MC guffy ann… thank you so much!!! Love your cat reference… it is easy to be like a cat..but just jump right in… the water’s is warm… blog her is a great site dedicated to female blogs. I joined it a month after I started bloging. I have been duel posting there ever since. They select members posts to be featured daily, and I was fortunate to be chosen about 5 times.I have met some great people as a result. You should really join….I signed up to be part of their publishing network a while back, and due to the a it list, I just was accepted. They put ads on your blog which you are comped for, but the cool part is they promote your blog a as wellas provide opportunities for paid reviews. I did one. But, my best advice, kind of like with dating, just put yourself out there, but don’t worry if there are not instant changes….it all happens when you least expect it….this time last summer I was begging my friends and family to read and comment just so it looked like I had some activity. If not for this begging, no one would have read my words…good luck… feel free to email me any time

  2. Hi, Hilary,
    Just found your blog from one of your Friday blog hop participants. Love the name of your blog: I have a friend whose nickname is Beachy Bev – she loves the beach!

    Looking forward to participating in your Friday blog hops in the future. They look like fun! And I’m off to check out more of your posts.
    Have a good day!

    1. Dianna – thank you so much…. I am the ultimate beach bum, and the header picture which is now small (until I can figure out how to enlarge it) is actually the view from my bedroom…. I will check out your blog too….Thanks for visiting!

    1. DG – Thanks so much! Your book is a memoir too? Yeah! I love memoirs and can’t wait to read yours when it is out too!

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