who ya gonna call? ?>

who ya gonna call?

Lucy is calling all her friends to say thank you for their concern and well wishes when she was sick. She (and us) had a rough time of it. She needed to go to the vet twice. She had crystals and an infection. Fortunately for how bad she was at the doctor, she was great at taking her meds… And she has made a full recovery…

Dear anyone who will listen… ?>

Dear anyone who will listen…

HELLO! Is anyone out there? Nod if you can hear me. Or read this. Or whatever… Hey, it’s me. THE LUCY – remember me? Do I hear crickets? Yeah probably. Thanks to my dumb mommy, no one is here for me in my time of need. Good one, thanks 🙁 Seriously. I’m I’ve had it. Sure you all know I’m angry at her for keeping me away from my bloggy friends. I don’t care that her day job is kicking…

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mirror, mirror…. ?>

mirror, mirror….

“What am I going to do with my mom????” Lucy asks herself as she stares into the mirror, upset. “She needs to get back on track. I’m missing my friends online and so is she.” And then she realizes the answer. She needs to learn how to type herself… Or….

Writer’s life…. ?>

Writer’s life….

“I love this new book I am writing,” I said to my husband as he walked upstairs. “Oh, good.” “I’m having so much fun with it.” “Excellent.” “Can I read you what I just wrote? I think you’d like it.” “Okay, but let me go to the bathroom first.” “Can I read it to you while you go?” “Um, no.” Disappointment filled my face. “Oh. Okay.” “I’m sure it can wait. Or is it mission critical?”