Following in the paw steps ?>

Following in the paw steps

“Look at that!” My husband exclaimed as he put down his fork. I turned around quickly.  “OMG! What is she doing?” I asked worried as I watched Lucy walk on the tops of the boxes by the open staircase.  “She’s on the banister now!”  I got up slowly and started to walk over to her. My husband grinned at me. “Why are you so calm? She’s going to kill herself.” “Um, Hil.  She’s a cat.  She’s good at climbing and…

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A fine line…. ?>

A fine line….

“Ew…” I gawked at the orange my husband was peeling over the sink. “What’s up with that?” “I know.” He scrunched up his face. “I’m not sure. It’s really discolored.” I picked up a piece and examined it.  It was orange on the bottom but a dark red, almost maroon  color on the top. “Do you think it’s okay?” “I don’t know.  Here,” he handed me a piece. “Try it.” “I’m not trying it. You try it.” “We’ll do it together.”…

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Dangled Me…. ?>

Dangled Me….

The Carat was Dangled…. And so was I…. Just another faux engagement…. But now the story is ALIVE… The audiobook was just released and Amazon has it on SALE for only $3.47 – woo hoo! Give her a listen HERE

how to split $100,000 ?>

how to split $100,000

I was recently speaking with a veteran. He gave me a slight glimmer into his past. He shared a very sanitized version of some of the things he saw and had to do during his time of service. I couldn’t help but ask how he ever slept at night. He replied he barely does… They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. And who needs a best friend more then than the men and women who fight so…

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