Home worked…. ?>

Home worked….

“What do I know about homework?” I mumbled to myself, pretty much automatically, when the Monday Morning Mom’s came up with this topic. I don’t have any children; so dealing with the drama associated with it’s daily routine is so far off my radar. And since my life has been so crazy lately I barely remember yesterday, yet alone my school days when I was bombarded with homework myself. So for weeks I have been wracking my brain obsessing about…

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#MetOnPetFinder ?>


I was sad. I was lonely. I was missing for someone to love and for someone to love me back. I grabbed my laptop. I entered in a website address. And seconds later, I found what I was yearning for. No doubt, it was love at first sight…. The Lucy – or as she was known back then, Mia. Along with her mom and four siblings, she was rescued at 3 days old from a kill shelter and placed in…

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In good paws ?>

In good paws

With The Lucy in charge our kitchen will be purr-rect! Hey – It’s me The Lucy – at work… Again… Not only in the kitchen but sharing the great news that Plan Bea is now an audiobook and my mom is giving away 2 copies! Here, listen for yourself… And then enter to WIN an audiobook of Plan Bea! a Rafflecopter giveaway