Third Degree ?>

Third Degree

“Hi, I’d like to make an appointment for a mammography.” “Okay. What is your last name?” “Grossman.” “Your first?” “Hilary.” “Address?” “Well I recently moved. I’m not sure if the new address or the old one is in the system. My new address is X” “No. That’s not what I have.” “Okay. What about Y?” “Yes. Okay. Give me a minute.” Waiting, waiting, waiting. “And the referring doctor?” “Dr. Supercalafragic” (not his real name, but just as hard to spell.)…

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Last minute ?>

Last minute

What happens when an entire family meets in Florida for a family wedding and it’s cold outside? The women go shopping of course. “If I didn’t have a dress to wear tonight,” I said to my mother, “I’d buy this one in a second.” I placed the silver dress I spotted as soon as I walked into Black and White Market against my chest. She eyed it and smiled, “Try it on,” she urged. My sister-in-law added, “That dress is…

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Forgiven…. ?>


Soon after my father passed away, when I was fourteen years old, my mom worked hard at trying to comfort me. She often said, “You can always find something to feel guilty about if you try.” Unfortunately, I didn’t have to try too hard. I was so young when he passed. Let’s face it, kids always say and do things to their parents that aren’t so nice. But usually those moments are forgotten as the year’s pass. But when death…

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