Want to feel like a star? ?>

Want to feel like a star?

Hey guys! It’s me, The Lucy! And I have a very important question…. Did you ever dream of being a super star? I sure have, and I have a way to make mine, and your dream possible. Well sort of… Oprah my not come knocking on our door for an interview, but I personally think my plan is better… Purina is having a SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER which is guaranteed to make all my feline friends feel like stars with their new…

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Final stretch ?>

Final stretch

Hello! It’s me, the Lucy… And it is time for me to put my paw down. My mom has been disgraceful and I am not taking it anymore. First of all, she has been a complete and utter blog failure. She has prevented me from seeing my friends regularly. And when she does try to catchup its been quickies on her cell phone. I don’t get to talk to anyone… And then replying. She has not replied to anyone… I…

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Why is it we could…. ?>

Why is it we could….

“Why is it we could complain so easily about important people in our lives, yet we get offended when others voice the same opinion of them?” Hands down, this is my favorite line in Plan Bea. After all, I have often wondered the same thing as Annabel. I am not one of those people who pretend life is perfect. It isn’t. It is messy and often extremely frustrating. (Like Saturday night when I knocked over the laundry detergent on the…

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